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Our Vision.


''KnowThy-golden-Self'' Retreats are alternative, holistic, well-being, easy travel, affordable vacation options. They principally focus on busy people who regularly give a lot out to the world. This sometimes leaves them feeling so overtaxed and drained so that they wish to discover their inner sanctuary of peace and inspiration.


The retreats accomplish this by taking participants out from the hectic pace of the modern life-style and allowing them to reconnect with their inner, golden voice. They can recharge, revitalize and envision their inspirational,  best version of life, ever learning potential according to the ancient Socratic advice. In this way they seek to evolve and manifest their golden life affirming dreams for themselves and their loved ones!
Become the best version that you can be in your journey of life and allow the catalyst of the nourishing and timeless Delphi sanctuary's energy to facilitate this process!

The retreats focus on a holistic well being approach, offering a choice of  Yoga/ Zumba instruction with meditations, stress release education, as well as providing Greek mythology sessions, local history, nature exploration of the mountains and the local Itea beach.
Also in the package it is included cultural sightseeing of the archaeological museum and the ancient temples of Apollo and Athena. Greek cooking/wine tasting as well as art and  craft lessons are also an option.
We tailor made the itinery of  the 3 days availabl to suit your personal needs and preferences.
We listen to you, look after you and become your special host/guide to the Greek culture.

Participants are guided by Greek born Chrysi Minaidou-Skidmore, a Q.T.S., Masters qualified transformational educator from the University of London, with studies in psychology, history of art and anthropology with over fifteen years of teaching experience in the U.K. She is a caring facilitator and she has a true passion for holistic wellness travel, history of art and multi-cultural communication.She resides both in the Delphic region and in Worthing, West Sussex.
Chrisy spent many of her childhood summers camping with her family at the nearby Mount Parnassus feeling a great affinity with the ancient land, as her mother was from this area of Greece.
The Know Thy-golden-Self retreats are her brainchild and a culmination of her life vision that she manages together with her English husband, a Maths graduate from Nottingham University. Both have traveled extensively around the globe and they are committed to well being tourism and sustainability for our precious planet Earth.




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